Potato Soup!

We are those people. Those people who eat hot soup all year long. My parents are probably cringing at this thought. Growing up, there were meals reserved for winter… chili, beans with rice and kielbasa, and any other soups! Several times in my adult life I have cooked chili “out of season.”

Gabe and I really LOVE soup and we have found it is easy and a great way to get rid of things we get in excess from the farms. This meal was to get rid of a portion of the ~5lbs of red potatoes we had! There are only so many times you can make mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes before you really need to make a dent in the supply.

This is the second time we have made potato soup this summer and the first was broth based. It was good, but a bit too thin. We found this one and it is a KEEPER! You won’t regret trying this! A note to the recipe… you could really blend all of it and not regret it. It is still pretty thick and yummy. We left a few chunks of potatoes, but would probably skip that next time.

Recipe here: http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/2011/11/homemade-potato-soup.html

Isn’t it crazy how things change as you get older? I used to avoid a lot of soups because I didn’t like onions or warm carrots, etc. etc. I will try pretty much anything these days!