Gnocchi al Formaggio

A few weeks ago we traveled to one of my favorite places in the world: Fernandina Beach, Florida. Gabe and I wanted to have a date night downtown and had trouble choosing a restaurant. We settled on Ciao! which is an italian restaurant in historic downtown. Awesome choice because the food was incredible! I ordered Gnocchi Quatro Formaggio and did not regret it one bit. Cheesy, melt in your mouth goodness.

Once we got home, I felt inspired to figure out how to make this. A google search left me a little frustrated since most of the recipes were in Italian (rightly so). A few months back, I found an Italian cookbook at Goodwill that really explains why each type of pasta is used and the traditional sauces. I went to that, but came back to google.

I found this recipe: and modified it to my liking.

I purchased a package of gnocchi from Kroger and I felt strongly that the amount of ingredients called for in the recipe was going to make WAYYYY too much sauce. Thank you, intuition. I halved the amounts of liquid and cheese (kept onion, garlic, and flour the same). I also only used 2 types of cheese: parmesan-reggiano and asiago (1/2 cup of each). Our oven tends to be on the hot side, so I only baked about 12 minutes and it was golden, bubbly, and seemingly done. I added parsley to the top as I remembered that from Ciao!

You guys, this was delicious. Melt in your mouth quality. Easy gourmet. So incredibly yummy. I paired with a little bruschetta. It reheated very well for lunch the following day.

While this recipe didn’t use much local (or clean) ingredients, it shows that making great food really isn’t that hard. Anyone can do it!