Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers

This vegetarian night (which is 95% of our nights) might have been my all-time favorite. We are overloaded with veggies right now and struggling to keep up. We’ve done MUUUUCH better this CSA season than last but there really wasn’t a break between our Delvin Farms summer CSA and winter CSA. That overloaded fridge led us to this dinner.

Black bean burgers are a household favorite and a crowd favorite (for our dinner guests and good friends we’ve shared this with) and we don’t make them nearly enough. I decided we had waited long enough and had everything we needed so, why not?

We got it from this link: however we have modified it a bit. We use Sriracha and/or Tabasco instead of the hot sauce they mention. I also add a tiny bit of jalapeño (1 tsp maybe) with the bell pepper. It doesn’t matter if you use red, yellow, or green pepper. I also added a dash of chili powder this time. I find that chili powder goes well with cumin. We have made our own bread crumbs before, too. OH – always cook your quinoa in vegetable broth. It tastes much better that way.

For sides we had kohlrabi fries and sauteed turnip greens. You guys, there is just something about kohlrabi that is… weird and interesting. We’ve had this veggie LOTS of times thanks to CSA. It is considered a cabbage but I’m afraid classifying it as a cabbage leads people to believe it is leafy. It’s clearly not as you can see for yourself. It is really more like a root veggie… like turnips. It is apparently very easy to grow and the seeds must be cheap. I’ve never been a member of a CSA that doesn’t have kohlrabi. We have experimented plenty and I’d say we owned it this time. We have done kohlrabi fries before but this time was the best. Recipe here: Side note: I love the NY Times and most of you who know me know that. Even if you don’t like the whole paper, their health and recipe columns are amazing. Worth checking out.

I won’t even bother teaching you all how to sauté, but make sure you drizzle with red pepper flakes and balsamic vinegar! 🙂