In our house we may or may not be somewhat addicted to reading the NY Times. I love how many sections there are and the depth of topics addressed in the paper. One of my favorite sections is the Dining section and thank goodness I keep up with it. Last week, I read a great article about PIZZA and the recipe to make your own.

Now, we are no strangers to homemade pizza but this recipe had me salivating to recreate that thin crust goodness you can get in the north (NYC and Boston! MMM). It is totally all it reads up to be…

The recipe calls for “00” flour and you can find that online (had no luck at Kroger) but I’ve been using All Purpose Flour and it seems to be just fine. Also, the recipe tells you to let it rise for 3+ hours. I’m impatient and don’t think far enough in advance and made it right away. Seemed just fine and dandy to me!

For our sauce:

1 can san marzano tomatoes (crushed), dried oregano, fresh mozzarella, and basil.

Do it. Now.

So. Good.