Our latest adventure into locally sourced food has been a meat CSA. Back in February, I decided that I wanted to (somewhat) alter our diet and try to incorporate paleo meals and perhaps a quasi-Whole 30. In our quest to do this, we decided to source 100% grass fed AND finished beef.

Did you know that legally meat companies can label their beef 100% grass fed and still feed grains for the last 30-60 days?? A couple of NPR stories on meat, Forks Over Knives, and FOOD, Inc. later and I decided I really did NOT want to eat beef that wasn’t grass finished. The things they feed animals these days really freaks me out. I don’t let my dogs eat food with animal by-products in it, so why would I eat animals that have been fed by-products? Ick.

Anyway, throughout this, we found Peaceful Pastures. A local farm with sustainably and humanely raised meat (and pastured chicken and pork). They just happen to have 100% grass fed AND finished beef. We get ~25 pounds of meat every other month. This month we got CHORIZO for the first time. We really like chorizo but knew we’d have to get creative because we had a good bit of it. With half we made Queso Fundido (YUM and total indulgence) and with the other half we made soup!


This soup recipe is here. We chose this because we have all of the spices, onion, and garlic on hand and our garden is still overflowing with jalapeños! We also almost always have black beans and tomatoes on hand. So, this required very few ingredients and was super easy and delicious. You can see we skipped the avocado “salsa” part as I think red onions are the worst vegetable created. Well, turnips are up there too. Ha. Red onion tastes and smells like body odor to me. I’ll go without.

Also, we love, love, love the New York Times Cooking app and website. It is amazing. The app especially because you can just type in an ingredient and tons of recipes come up. Lots with reviews and photos from others too and I love reviews.

Let me know what you think if you try this. XO