As most people know, I’ve been eating gluten free since February 2016. There were times where I only ate freshly baked (read: in our house) bread and minimized my bread consumption. A year ago I decided to eliminate it totally. There haven’t been very many times that I’ve craved bread. I’ve had soooooooo many sandwiches in my life that I never really want a sandwich. I never really ate toast for breakfast so I haven’t missed that either. BUT, my family used to slay some extra sharp cheddar cheese bagels growing up and there has been a time or two when I have craved that. AND, if you aren’t gluten free, you probably do not understand the will power exerted while watching Gabe eat a chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a. Those biscuits are buttery deliciousness. I digress…

We’ve tried a couple of different bread options with different flours and none have been AMAZING. Some have been edible, others not. Some have tasted straight up like almonds and others like coconut. None like really good homemade bread.


Until…….. I found this recipe on LL Balanced’s site! You guys, YUM!!! We just happened to have all these ingredients on hand and we own a Blendtec, so I tossed all the ingredients in and crossed my fingers (with Gabe gently reminded me not to get my hopes up. It came out looking like this:


With nice bubbles and fluffy!

SO, we made this:


And it was DIVINE.

If you’re gluten free or just desire to eat less bread… hurry! Go make a loaf of this!!!