We Eat Nashville

Archiving and sharing our seasonal, local, farm to table recipes.


Hello! I’m Alyssa. I love to cook and this blog is to share my love of fresh, local food. I also have trouble keeping up with all the recipes, so this is how my boyfriend, Gabe, and I plan to organize them for future use. You lucky readers get the joy of trying them all yourself. 🙂

Besides cooking, I have many other hobbies and interests… passions, if you will. I have a small sewing business (So & Sew by Alyssa: here and here) and LOVE to create things that bring organization and joy to others. You may see a sewing post peppered in here and there. Hope you don’t mind! I also love to travel. I love taking photos that capture the sweet, candid memories of life. I enjoy reading even if I find it hard to wind down enough to enjoy a good book these days. I do read the news everyday and may or may not be a fanatic of the NY Times. I love the city of Boston. Boston is where I became the self I love today and living there taught me so much about the world. In fact, this love is tattooed on my body. It’s just that special. I love learning. I enjoy talking. And I sure do love a great glass of wine…

My pictures may not always be the best – I don’t claim to be a food photog – but I hope you all enjoy the recipes and give farm fresh eating a shot!


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